Virtual TronCon


Thank you!

Thank you everyone for making Troncon wonderful! Even though the organizer was sick all day, you all made it great.

Thanks again to moremoo for streaming Tron 2.0, spicer-cthulusummoning-lovejoy for Mystery Warner Theater 3000, and of course CINDY MORGAN for joining us for a wonderful Q&A!

Cindy’s chat is available for viewing at the virtualtroncon livestream.

See you all in July!

Streaming Tron Rifftrax

BrokenLevel Draws Stupid Shit

Sketch Requests and Mystery Warner Theater 3000 to end out Troncon!

Schedule Update

Instead of Rifftrax after Tron: Legacy, spicer-cthulusummoning-lovejoy will be streaming doodle requests and a MYSTERY DAVID WARNER MOVIE.

These will start at about 11pm EST at:

"Mystery Warner Theater 3000"

Streaming Tron: Legacy

Cindy Morgan Chat!

Begins at 8pm EST/7pm CST!


{Aaand gif avies of Tron and Yori for everyone! I didn’t make the gif background, so credit goes to the one who did, if you know them, please let me know so that I can attach their name here or take these down respectively.}


Tron: Restoration trailer.

(Yes, it’s fanmade.)

Virtual Troncon

Streaming some Uprising!